Soupa & Salata

Minestrone A La Romana Classic Italian soup made with fresh vegetables, romano beans and topped with parmesan cheese Cup $5  // Bowl $7
Minestra De Journo Zias homemade soupa. Ask your server for todays creation Cup $5  // Bowl $7
Baked French Onion Prepared at Zias, baked with mozzarella cheese $9
Caesar Salad Our fabulous homemade dressing and freshly grated parmesan cheese sets this classic off Picolo $8 // Grande $12
Salata Fresca Mixed fresh greens, cucumber & tomato with your choice of dressing Picolo $8 // Grande $12
Bacon Caesar Our Caesar salad, topped with real bacon $13
Greek Salad Crispy vegetables and traditional dressing topped with Kalamata olives and feta cheese Picolo $8 // Grande $12
Chicken Caesar Caesar salad, topped with a breast of chicken $14
Thai Noodle Salad Warm noodle salad tossed with fresh vegetables, sesame, cilantro & sprouts on a bed of lettuce with Thai style dressing $12
Salad Platter A combination of Greek, Caesar, Thai Noodle & Coleslaw – perfect for sharing $20
Tomato & Onions Drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with shaved parmesan $9


Saganaki A well know Greek cheese, pan-fried with a drizzle of lemon juice $9
Spring Rolls Vegetarian spring rolls served on a bed of lettuce with sauce for dipping $9
Bruschetta Fresh tomato, herbs, garlic and mozzarella cheese on baguette slices $8
Onion Bruschetta Caramelized onions and mozzarella cheese on baguette slices $8
Breaded Prawns On a bed of lettuce with a cocktail sauce $9
Coconut Prawns Served with sweet chili dipping sauce $9
Passion Prawns Tiger prawns sautéed with fresh kiwi and passion fruit butter nestled on a bed of rice $9
Brie & Asparagus Wrapped in filo pastry and served with a spicy cranberry sauce $11
Calamari Deep fried calamari served with tzatziki, onions and a lemon wedge $12
Escargots a la Crème D’Ail Snails in a mushroom and garlic cream sauce $11

Appy Fare

Calamari & Greek Salad Served with tzatziki, onion and fresh lemon $17
Spring Rolls & Thai Noodle Salad With a spicy sweet chili sauce $16
Breaded Prawns& Caesar Salad With cocktail sauce $15
Brie & Asparagus with Green Salad with a spicy cranberry dip $16

Pasta & Stir-fry

Penne Napolitaine Served in a tomato sauce with peppers, onions, sausage, olives and mushrooms $19
Penne Primavera Seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs and garlic in a cream sauce $18
Fettuccine Alfredo Rich and creamy says it all $15
Chicken Aviana Penne pasta and breast of chicken in a rich porcini mushroom cream sauce $20
Vegetarian Stir-fry Seasonal fresh vegetables in a black bean sauce served with rice $15

Add Ons:
Tiger Prawns $7           Chicken Breast $5
Baby Shrimp $5           Bacon $4
Bratwurst $5                Mushroom $3
Garlic Toast $3

Chicken & Seafood

Chicken Friulano Pan-fried chicken breast simmered in a rich burgundy sauce with mushrooms $19
Chicken Sophia Broiled chicken breast with a creamy lemon and herb sauce $19
Apricot Ginger Chicken Broiled chicken breast glazed with an apricot and ginger sauce $19
Thai Coconut Chicken Tender chicken sautéed with onions and peppers in a Thai curry sauce $21
Chicken Champignon Breast of chicken served in a white wine and mushroom sauce $19
Chicken Basquaise Chicken breast simmered in a delicious pepper, onion and tomato herb sauce $19
Garlic Grilled Chicken & Prawns Finished with a splash of white wine, thyme & fresh tomatoes $22
Thai Prawns Prawns sautéed in a sweet and spicy Thai style sauce $22
Prawns and Scallops Sautéed with mushrooms, green peppercorns and diced tomatoes $25
Prawns Pernod Prawns sautéed with Pernod, mushrooms and splash of cream $23
Garlic Prawns Prawns sautéed with fresh garlic, herbs, white wine & tomatoes $21
Scallops Tiana Scallops, seared and sautéed with a porcini mushroom cream sauce $25
Alaskan King Crab One pound of pre-split Alaskan King Crab, served with butter and lemon (Ask your server for price)
Salmon A Lemon Broiled salmon with a creamy lemon butter sauce $25
Blushing Salmon Pacific salmon braised and served in a blush wine sauce $25

Lamb, Beef & Pork

Pork Summerland Pork tenderloin stuffed with dried fruit covered with a light sauce $24
Drunken Medallions Pork tenderloins sautéed and served with a brandied cream sauce $20
New Yorker Steak Broiled 8oz New York steak $26
add mushrooms sautèed with garlic, tomatoes, herbs & butter, finished with white wine (+$3)
Tornedos Burgundy A 7oz beef tenderloin broiled to perfection and served with a red wine sauce $28
Steak Au Poivre An 8oz New York Steak with a succulent Madagascar four peppercorn sauce $27
Steak and Prawns Broiled 8oz New York steak with sautéed prawns $28
Steak and Crab Broiled 8oz New York steak with 8oz of crab legs $39
Steak and Fries Broiled 8oz New York steak smothered in sautéed mushrooms, onion rings and served with fries $25
Rack of Lamb Dijonaisse With a mustard and herb crust, cooked the way you like it $33
Lamb Chops Modena Broiled lamb chops with a herbed balsamic vinegar sauce $30
Classic Feast Our Chefs generous selection of entrees perfect for two, includes salata $65
Seafood Feast An exciting selection of seafood entrees perfect for two, includes salata $69


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